The founding of Haier industrial park in Russia

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The founding of Haier industrial park in Russia

Project Description:

On May 28 local time, the founding ceremony for the industrial park and washing machine base ofHaier Russia was held in Chelny, Tatarstan. The total planned area of the industrial park is 1,270,000㎡, and as major product lines including Haier washing machine, refrigerator, water heater and color TV set being set up in the future, it will become the largest home appliance industrial park of single brand in Russia, and also the first base in Europe for Chinese washing machine industry.

The total investment for the washing machine base is expected to be completed and put into operation before July, 2019, creating 385 jobs directly and over 1000 indirectly for the local market. By that time, the base will be able to meet the differentiated needs of the 140 million users in Russia, leading the new lifestyle of “quiet washing”, “healthy washing” and “smart washing” for 200 million users in middle Asia and Europe.

Project deep influence:

The construction of the washing machine base symbolizes that the “Three in One” localized development of Haier in Russia has entered a new phase. The industrial park of Haier Russia will enable large-scale development of Haier Russia, integration of supply chains and building of ecosystem. Highly differentiated products, such as Haier kitchen appliance will also settle in the industrial park to provide Russian and European consumers with product solutions based on local design and manufacturing, and offer better experience to users with quicker response.

The founding of Haier industrial park in Russia and washing machine base realizes the transformation from “exporting products” to “exporting plant” in Russia and Europe. Besides, Haier washing machine bases were founded on the five continents, greatly boosting the implementation of Haier’s strategy of independent brand-building.