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Custom Solution

  • 20 years of manufacturing and R&D experience in LCD field, including LCD module, TP, PCB control board, sofeware, IoT components etc.
  • Custom options: PCB control board, Mobile APP, Cloud storage, Voice control technology,WIFI, 4G, Sensor, Bluetooth, infrared sensing system and so on.
  • Strong software and hardware R&D Team with 162 people.

Ren Dan He Yi Management Concept:

Haier gathers the world's leading resources in an open ecosystem, and Today's Haier innovation is base on platformization, self-maker, user-centred; Zhang Ruimin, Chairman and CEO of Haier Group, puts forward a core requirement for all employees: “Zero distance from users.” The interconnection factory is to “connect the best experience of users” and realize mass customization service. This is already being Haier internal consensus. The interconnection factory has three basic characteristics:

  • From the user's point of view to realize the user's personalized customization.
  • Real-time interconnection with users, full supply chain integration of R&D, manufacturing, supply and logistics;
  • The combination of automated production and user personalization, transform from "make-to-stock" to "production for user".

Smart Home GE 7" One Black Solution

  1. Application:Smart Home / Smart Thermostat
  2. Solution:One Black
  3. Technology:
  4. Product:
  5. Under the guide of Ren Dan He Yi Idea, we Haier will provide you with the customizable development products with high quality, super resources and sustained service.